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Floken Morph is a face morphing application, that also allows face distortion to create facial expressions, based on mask points editing. 
Special thanks to Hernâni Cajado for demo illustrations.


- Added high density support

- Added "Move to SD card" option
- Fixed drawing issues on some devices

- Released on Android Market

- Initial release



How to use my own photo

1. Press camera button
2. Align face and take picture

Rename or delete image

1. Select image
2. Set name
3. Save
4. Delete
5. Cancel

Modes (Morph or Warp)

1. Morph: select different images
2. Warp: select same image
3. Press edit button

Morph mode editing

1. Select initial image and edit points
2. Select final image and edit points

Note: You need to edit mask points just once for each image

Warp mode editing

1. Select same image as initial and final
2. Press edit button
3. Select final image and edit points


1. Select initial image
2. Select final image
3. Press view button
4. Play animation


1. Select image and press MENU
2. Set name
3. Save

Note: Saved image retain the mask points, and can be re-used in other morphs