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Since version 1.5 there is a special remote available called "Custom" that is stored and loaded from your phone's storage.

How to make your own custom remote

The custom remote is composed by 2 files, custom.png and custom.json located at 

The custom.png is an image that simply represents the UI of the remote.

The custom.json file is where are defined the key names, touch areas for the keys, and keycodes to be sent to your TV box (on keydown and keyup events).

Note: At the moment there is no specific tool to edit those files. You need to copy them to your computer, and use your software of choice for image and text editing...and then just simply copy them back to your phone.

Custom remote JSON format

"remote": {
    "name": "Custom",
    "keys": [
        { "name": "001", "rect": [0,   0,  80,  50], "keydown": [], "keyup": [48, 48, 49] },
        { "name": "002", "rect": [80,  0, 160, 50], "keydown": [], "keyup": [48, 48, 50] },
        { "name": "003", "rect": [160, 0, 240, 50], "keydown": [], "keyup": [48, 48, 51] },

name - name of the key, that appears on the screen
rect - rectangle representing the touch area [x1, y1, x2, y2]
keydown - sequence of keycodes to be sent on keydown
sequence of keycodes to be sent on keyup


You can also take a look at the following files (that are actually those used by "Classic" remote included in the application) to see, for example, all the currently supported keycodes.

Using multiple custom remotes, publish and share them...

In the meantime it's only possible to edit and use one custom remote at time.

If you make a great custom remote, or even an editor for custom remotes, feel free to send your work and/or suggestions to, and if there's enough feedback it may be included in future versions, and probably improved the support for custom remotes feature.